Products and Services

Friemann Christie LLC's plan is to provide our clients the following products and services in a thoughtful, committed and professional way. 

Strategic Advice

Our collective experience in executive roles in the industry enables Friemann Christie LLC to bring a broad range of skills and competence to organizations exploring strategic initiatives via new products, services or markets.

We strive to become an integral part of your project team. Through the critical phases of a project we supplement your team with our practical experience and offer a truly unbiased approach. 

Broker selection  

It is now standard practice to hold periodic reviews of broker services. Unfortunately, such reviews can often become a contest of presentation quality rather than an effective evaluation of the Broker, and its capacities to best serve the client, and design and implement solutions.  Friemann Christie LLC has extensive experience with brokerage firms in a number of countries and will bring exceptional insight and independence to the selection process. 

Transactional Advice 

We are well versed in assisting individuals or groups exploring new business opportunities in the insurance sector, either on their own or as a part of a larger organization. Likewise we advise organizations seeking growth by leveraging existing personnel or resources to enter new markets or by offering new products or services.

We are skilled in developing robust business plans, and in supporting the marketing of those plans to potential partners, investors and where size justifies, to investment bankers. Drawing on our experience with start-ups, CFC adds an independent reality check and challenge to the plans. In our consultative role we seek to supplement rather than replace other experts.

Insurance and Reinsurance Program Evaluation 

We undertake overall reviews of an organization's risk management program. By having no financial interest in a transaction Friemann Christie LLC provides unbiased advice on the necessity and cost of purchased coverage and optimum utilization of all markets. We have a deep understanding of complicated, layered and syndicated programs and can advise on the optimal structure.

Friemann Christie LLC will undertake full coverage reviews and where needed draw upon a network of affiliated independent experts for special expertise. CFC is available to be retained by companies or independent directors and board members for specific issues and coverages.

Captives and Mutual Insurance Companies 

The principals of Friemann Christie LLC have broadly based and rich experience with both group and individual captives. We have provided specialist advice to Financial Institutions, Professions, Non Profits and the Energy & Marine industry among others. We have consulted with large groups, groups of target risks and individual organizations around the world. 

Further, we critique the effectiveness of current captive use and evaluate participation in industry mutuals or associations compared to the commercial and financial markets, untainted by economic incentive or market preferences.

Litigation support, expert witness and arbitration

The principals of Friemann Christie LLC are available to consult in respect of contemplated or in progress litigation or arbitration. They are also available to act as party arbitrators or umpires and as expert witnesses.

We have particular expertise in:

  • Insurance Broker responsibilities and practices, both in North America and the UK, on a direct, wholesale and reinsurance basis. 
  • Property and Casualty Reinsurance.
  • Commercial insurance with a particular focus on: 
    Professional Indemnity.
    Large, multi-layered, and syndicated placements.
    Energy placements
    Special Risks or Excess and Surplus lines (D&O, Loss Mitigation and similar 'one off' coverages)
  • Financial and operational risk. 
    Lloyd’s of London custom and practices. 
    Captive and mutual insurance companies and their reinsurance relationships.
    Coverage analysis and market custom and practice in coverage application.

Advice to Investors in the Insurance Sector 

The sector is increasingly attracting external capital, often searching for uncorrelated risk. Such capital may enter in conventional ways such as an equity investment, but often new and innovative access is created through specific purpose vehicles. Friemann Christie LLC offers investors value by sharing the insight of experienced industry practitioners with in depth knowledge of the practices and people in the industry. Friemann Christie LLC 's independent status, broad based knowledge, and objectivity adds real value to investors. 



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