Value Proposition

Friemann Christie LLC is an independent advisory firm that consults on strategy for inesurance related organizations and risk issues for professional firms, associations and corporations.

Friemann Christie LLC was formed by senior executives in the insurance and reinsurance sectors.  The firm brings objectivity and broad knowledge to the analysis and solution of problems. We operate our business with exceptional sensitivity to possible conflicts.

The value proposition Friemann Christie LLC offers to clients is grounded in some key precepts:

  • The need for truly independent unbiased advise. The major brokerage firms often have a bias towards advice that results in a transaction. We have no such bias.
  • Friemann Christie LLC does not seek to replace the broker or other financial advisor. Rather Friemann Christie LLC offers itself as a complementary and independent resource providing a necessary level of objective review and intellectual capital, by a team with only one goal; finding the optimal solution.
  • We leverage our collective experience and intellectual capital rather than expending resources on desk-top research. We translate the findings of the experts such as modelers and actuaries to solve problems for our clients.
  • We pride ourselves on an ability to approach each project 'de novo', taking a broad view in assessing problems and developing solutions that may transcend traditional products and markets. We have no 'on the shelf solutions' to sell or market preferences. 
  • We believe a gap often exists between theory and practice in the industry. As seasoned executives we integrate innovative solutions that pass the test of practical applicability.
  • As new capital enters the industry, it can benefit from the knowledge of history and the practical experiences represented by Friemann Christie LLC.
  • We structure compensation in a manner satisfactory to our client that preserves our objectivity. In general we avoid compensation that biases us towards a certain result, unless the client specifically wishes for such an arrangement. 


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